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Mature. Minister. Multiply.

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Mature. Minister. Multiply

Who We Are


To glorify God by becoming a Great Commission Church of Jesus’ disciples who are maturing, ministering and multiplying to bless our neighbours in Singapore and in the nations beyond, through the prayerful proclamation and demonstration of the love and truth of the gospel.


Our history

1975 - 1977

In 1975, several students from Nanyang University were attending Mandarin language Bible studies led by Dr. Lucille Ramish and Mrs. Denis Lane, of the Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF). International Baptist Church (IBC) welcomed them to begin a Chinese language congregation, which could meet at the church premises on Sunday afternoons before the regular Sunday evening activities of the English congregation.

Rev. David Chan Kwok Onn, a former pastor of Kay Poh Road Baptist Church, was then teaching at the Singapore Bible College. He was invited to lead the Chinese congregation for IBC as Honorary Pastor. The group held its first bilingual service on 7 August 1975 and was formally registered as an independent congregation on 22 October 1977. The name it adopted was Evangel, and the vision was two-fold: evangelical in faith and evangelistic in thrust.


In September 1978, Rev. Michael Shen, who newly-joined the Singapore Bible College, became the Honorary Pastor of Evangel. He served in this capacity until 1986. Rev Michael Shen had been the first Baptist convert to Christ in Jesselton (now Kota Kinabalu), Sabah, in 1965, soon after Southern Baptist missionaries first went there. Later, Rev Michael Shen would become the Principal of the Singapore Bible College and would serve in that position until 2006. 

Also, in 1978, after completing his training with Operation Mobilization (OM) on board MV Logos, Sebastian Chua joined as full-time assistant to Pastor Michael Shen at Evangel and served until January 1984, when he left for studies in Australia. In June of that year the church called Chan Khai Yau to serve as an Associate Pastor, working primarily with the Chinese-speaking members. Worship services continued to be conducted in English and Mandarin, with translation at the side for some of the older, Cantonese-speaking members. 

The church grew rapidly from 61 members at the point of inception in 1977 to 125 in 1979. As its membership was still expanding, it became increasingly difficult for its activities to fit into the busy schedule of IBC. In December 1981, Evangel started looking for an alternative place to conduct its worship service and activities. On 16 May 1982, Evangel moved into the premises of Singapore Baptist Church, which was to be its home for the next 17 years. One advantage was that Singapore Baptist Church did not have any regularly scheduled activities on Sunday afternoon, so the times of meetings of the two churches did not clash.


In September 1982, the church purchased a 3-storey building in Coronation Road to serve as an administrative hub as well as for small-group activities. As Evangel continued to grow, both the English and the Chinese-speaking members increased and the worship services were still being interpreted. Towards the end of 1986, two congregations were formed, with the English congregation continuing to meet at Singapore Baptist Church, and having Sebastian Chua as Pastor in Charge. Pastor Chua had returned from Australia in 1986, and had been serving as assistant pastor for one year. The Chinese congregation began meeting at the Coronation Road building, with Chan Khai Yau leading. In May 1990 this group became the Coronation Baptist Church. 

The church was actively involved in supporting several missionaries and mission works in different places. Among these were Dr. Lucille Ramish and Rev.and Mrs. Denis Lane who served with Overseas Missionary Fellowship; Loh Kim Bock with Operation Mobilization; Brian Leong with Wycliffe; Noreen Tan in Thailand; and Simon Lim with Asia Evangelistic Fellowship. 

The church also assisted Tan Soo Inn and Heng Hwee Chuang when they went for further theological studies. Pastor Soo Inn later returned to pastor Baptist churches in Malaysia while Hwee Chuang came back to serve in Evangel as a Christian Education Director. Evangel had a missionary serving with the Singapore Baptist Convention, which it joined in February 1980. In 1982, one of the Convention’s short-term missionaries to Indonesia, Ong Hwee Leng, was a member of Evangel.

1990s - 2000s

Evangel Baptist Church continued as an English-speaking church. Pastor Sebastian Chua continued to serve until 1989 when God called him to go for further studies again in Australia. Rev. Denis Lane assumed duty as Pastor Advisor until 1991, when Pastor Mark Mah was called to serve as Pastor. Pastor Mah served until 1994.

In October 1996, the church sold off its Coronation Road property. The following year, it bought one floor of the building now called CPA House. The location of the new property certainly bears testimony to the Lord’s provision. It is only about 250 metres from the Aljunied MRT Station, and just one lane away from Evangel’s sister church, Coronation Baptist Church. Evangel had her last worship service in Singapore Baptist on 6 December 1998, and held its inauguration service in its new premises on 3 January 1999.

During the transition since Pastor Mah’s departure, Pastor John Yuen, who was then a lecturer at the Singapore Bible College, served Evangel as Pastor Advisor in October 1994. When Pastor John Yuen took time off in 1998 for further theological study, the church engaged another Pastor Advisor, Rev. David Lim, who served from 1999 to 2001. Pastor Choy Wing Yut was installed as Congregational Pastor on 21 October 2001.

1990s - 2000s

In the 1990s, Evangel continued to send more members into full-time ministry. Jessie Chua joined OMF in Hong Kong; Belinda Leong enrolled in the WEC Missionary Training College in Australia for possible work in East Asia; Chia Meow Hah, Chong Lee Yin and Jenny Tan served with the Navigators; Jenny Low was appointed as a missionary by the Convention and served in the Riau Island ministry from 1999 to 2003. She had also served earlier as a short-term missionary to Batam Island. When Jenny returned from her missionary service in the Riau Islands, the church called her to work with the Mainland Chinese students who were studying in the same building where Evangel worships.

Currently, the church has about 100+ active members and attracts 145 adults, youths and children in its weekly worship service.

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